How to Add Rel Canonical Tag to Magento

I recently needed to add rel canonical tags to Magento Community Edition on every cms page. The default canonical generation feature that comes embedded with Magento works with Categories and Products only, not with CMS pages.

I wanted my canonical links to be with (www), so, this example assumes you also want to achieve the same result.

There are some extensions that do this out of the box. But, I did not want to add an extension to achieve something as simple as this.

Here is a simple way to do it.

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Customized Google Maps Using Google Maps API

Create a customized Google map using your own colors and styles, change and animate the map marker using Google Maps API V3.

This tutorial will cover the following options in Google Maps API:

  1. zoom: This option defines the zoom level our map uses when initialized, users will still be able to zoom in and out using the default Google Maps arrows.
  2. center: Defines the center of our map.
  3. mapTypeId: This option defines which map view is loaded. You can load a road map, a satellite map, and other views.
  4. streetViewControl: This option if set to false will make the street view option on the top left corner disappear.
  5. navigationControl: This option if set to false will make the navigation arrows disappear. This will prevent the users from zooming in and out.
  6. navigationControlOptions: This will define the style of the navigation arrows. If set to default, the arrows will automatically be adjusted to fit in your map.
  7. mapTypeControl: This option if set to false will hide the map types on the top right corner of the map.
  8. mapTypeControlOptions: This specifies the options for the mapTypeControl and can be used to add your own map types.
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New Social Media Icon Set

The set includes Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Reddit, RSS, Email, and LinkedIn Icons.

Icons come in eight different sizes, 512×512, 256×256, 128×128, 64×64, 48×48, 32×32, and 24×24 which give a total of 70 icons.

This icon set is FREE for commercial use. Feel free to download the sets and use them in any type of projects without any restrictions.

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