Facebook Like Box Issues

So, you have been facing little bit of troubles with the Facebook Like Box? It used to work just fine, but after a while it started acting weird? Or is it that your Facebook Like Box is showing inconsistent or inaccurate number of “Likes”? Or maybe the number of “Likes” is correct but some faces show twice?

Well, I have all of the above (You might not notice it), but I will try my best to explain it here.

First, I got my Facebook Like Box Code, I used the HTML5 formatting. Once I put the code and liked the page, The counter was “2 Likes”, though I actually had one only.

After sometime, I asked my friends to help me to share the page and like it, and the problem still exists.

After some personal trials and some searches on Google, this is what I could come up with:

1. The Facebook Like Box shows different counts if you are logged in (as the page admin), a page fan, or a non-fan.

2. If you are logged in (admin or a fan), you will see the actual number of likes plus 1. You will also see some faces repeated twice to cover for the plus 1 like.

3. If you log out, you will see the correct number of likes with the correct number of counts and faces.

So, and just for testing, I logged in and logged out of Facebook and took some snapshots for my Like Box in both cases. It shows that Likes count is different as well as faces in case I’m not logged in.

before and after login to facebook

Now, Question, Should you be Worried About this?

Probably not, non-fans, and non Facebook users will see the Like Box just fine. This is to start with. Second, it should be fine after sometime if we have many likes, faces generated will be random every time the page is loaded, so, repeated faces might not appear that often. Lastly, you are not alone in this, it’s happening to everyone, it’s even reported on Facebook Developers Forum. So, just forget about it and enjoy while Facebook people find a fix for this!

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Facebook Like Box Issues
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Facebook Like Box Issues
If you are having some issues with your Facebook Like Box, incorrect number of likes or faces are showing twice, then this post of for you.
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5 thoughts on “Facebook Like Box Issues”

  1. Hi,
    it was really helpful! I was so worried about the problem. I thought it was my mistake and I went crazy spending all day long sweating and changing and checking the results. Now I know it’s about logging. You saved a lot of my time. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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